Leslie Hofherr

Biosafety Consultant

Leslie Hofherr has been working in the field of biosafety for over 25 years. She holds a MS and MPH with an undergraduate background in microbiology. She worked in the laboratory as a researcher with microorganisms and recombinant DNA techniques prior the beginning a career in biosafety. She is a Certified Biosafety Professional (CBSP) with more than 25 years experience in academic, government, hospital, and private biotechnology/biomedical research and clinical facilities developing and managing EH&S programs for research and clinical laboratories, vivariums, GLP testing and GMP facilities, high containment laboratories, and facilities using or testing specialized devices or robotics.

As a biosafety consultant she has reviewed or developed biosafety and biosecurity programs; conducted on site inspections and audits; drafted biosafety/biosecurity manuals, plans, SOPs and fact sheets; conducted risk assessments; developed and conducted site specific training on a variety of topics; investigated incidents; reviewed and provided recommendations for biosafety committee applications; participated in biosafety committees, quality risk assessment meetings, and other meetings; and overall provided biosafety support in academia, government, hospital, and private industry for a variety of projects and instrumentation. She has experience providing consulting services for laboratories that require up to enhanced biosafety level 3, small and large animal enhanced biosafety level 3, insect laboratories operating up to biosafety level 3, and a variety of human gene therapy protocols.

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