We are continually looking for ways to bring innovative minds at all levels of our organization, from Sabai Global at our corporate level, to our subsidiaries of Clinical Biosafety Services, Castle IRB, and Shield Consulting. We want fearless people who can imagine the possibilities and deliver with a sense of urgency.

If you are excited about our mission and values, e-mail us your resume or curriculum vitae. We are growing, in our Institutional Biosafety Committee, Concierge, IRB, Biosafety Consulting and Biosafety On-Call Services. Send inquiries to careers@clinicalbiosafety.com to learn more.

Review current positions on our Clinical Biosafety Services Job Board.

Mission Statement

Shield Consulting's Mission is to provide innovative products and services that promote new and sound solutions in helping our customers find better ways to do important work. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality of Customer Service, delivered with a sense of warmth and respect. We are committed to being a true partner by always keeping our customers' best interests at heart. Our highly skilled experts are passionate about working hard to support our Customers' needs so that they can continue to serve the highest level of service for others.